Danielle Abraham

Executive Director, ReGrow Israel

Support rebuilding Israel's western Negev's farming communities


Rebuilding and innovating the agriculture of Southern Israel. Growing back stronger!

ReGrow Israel is the Agriculture Development Fund securing the future of Israel’s southern farmlands and communities, revolutionizing farming practices with innovation, and creating higher profitability, climate resilience, and sustainability. ReGrow Israel works in cooperation with the government’s 5-year rebuilding task force for the agricultural devastation incurred on October 7th. We bring world-renowned AgriTech innovation and management expertise, with proven abilities in leading food, nutrition, and economic security initiatives. Our team also includes the national forum of preeminent agricultural experts. All stakeholders have come together under the ReGrow Israel mission, including Regional Councils, Government agencies, all Kibbutzim and Moshavim, businesses, as well as the farmers themselves. ReGrow Israel is an initiative by Volcani International Partnerships (Israeli Not-For-Profit 580035699) in partnership with Mishkei Hanegev and cooperation with Eshkol Regional Council, Shaar Hanegev Regional Council, Moshavei Hanegev Agricultural Cooperative, and Eshkol Foundation.

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